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Read the utility protocols to learn how the $VIGNE token functions within the Champ Association to generate rewards for all multi-faucet utility node holders, actively playing Vineyard Vocation Land NFT owners, members of the affiliate program, and partnered brands within the network.
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Champ Association
Gain access to exclusive events and earn utility rewards by holding node positions within our five-tier system — utility rewards are derived from the sales of Crypto Champagne bottles, bottle branding applications, activity within games created from the studio, and various subsidiaries of the Champ Association.
Blockchain University
Education is a primary cornerstone supporting the Champ Association. After the first Crypto Chateaux is constructed, our blockchain university will open with basic modules that explain the foundation of blockchain technology. Crypto Professors will be inducted into the university as the years unfold and new partnerships are formed. Additional learning modules will be added to curriculums to provide a more diverse and dynamic range of knowledge for all university students.
Champ Association is being developed as an inclusive ecosystem to enrich the lives of people through its integrative subsidiaries, all which interact together to provide value to the ecosystem's underlying $VIGNE token, issued NFTs, and the multi-faucet utility node reward pool. During our start-up phase, all investors must visit the pre-order page to lock-in their order of luxury Crypto Champagne bottles that rebate digital airdrops of $VIGNE tokens and NFTs associated with Champ Association's flagship metaverse.
The decentralized exchange platform of Champ Association that offers multi-chain support for numerous liquidity pairings across partnered blockchain networks. Farming and staking pools are voted upon via DAO each quarter.
Consumers can purchase phygital products that rebate their account with digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The phygital products of our champagne marketplace offer the greatest $VIGNE rebates. Navigate the different marketplaces of Champ Association to see which products best suit you!
About us
We welcome you to learn more about the team behind Champ Association. Navigate our 'About' section to familiarize yourself with the founders, staff, advisors, ambassadors, partnership matrix, and other information about the association.


Building a Digital Dynasty

Champ Association is built by an ingenuitive and intuitive founding duo with the capability of providing all tools and foundations necessary to establish and expand the organization into a thriving economic dynasty. Multiple digital wallets are enstated by the holding company to ensure that specific treasuries associated with utility rewarding mechanisms of the association remain separate and immutable, all of which is powered and secured with distributed ledger technology (DLT). Elysium Network is the native DLT utilized by the Champ Association, a layer-1 carbon-friendly blockchain created by the Vulcan Forged foundation.

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Flagship Metaverse

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Vineyard Vocations

Venture into our innovative play-to-earn metaverse, where the thrill of vineyard management meets crypto earnings. Landowners and tenants must utilize multiple NFTs to establish digital operations that generate $VIGNE or $BUBBLY tokens. Purchasing any brand of Common, Rare, or Exotic Luxury Crypto Champagne bottles will reward the purchaser with a Character NFT of that rarity.

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